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When The Orangutan Mother Is Reunited With Her Baby That Was Ripped From Her Clutches They Break Down In Tears

Clara was a mother orangutan who shared her home with her daughter. They’re part of the Orangutan Jungle School, a vital program that looks after and trains orangutans for release into the wild.
Everything looked to be going well between mother and daughter, but despite Clarita’s young age, they were forced to part suddenly.

The school is situated on the Indonesian island of Borneo.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
Clarita was abducted by a powerful guy, and since she was so young, she began to face the risk of not being able to live by remaining away from her mother.

Fortunately, the team in charge of tracking the orangutans’ movements saw what had happened and decided to assist Clara reconnect with her baby.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
They found Clara and Clarita after a week, but they had to be extremely careful to ensure that the reunion was actually effective.

If the mother orangutan finds that her calf has a different fragrance after they have been separated, she may reject it. Worse, it has the potential to harm her.

Clara and Clarita were not part of any pack and lived on their own.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
That is why the team planned ahead of time and took great care to show Clara that her baby had returned.

Clarita is carried by a nanny and dragged towards Clara’s cage. She wants them to sniff one other as she keeps a close eye on the mother’s emotions.

” Don’t let him get a hold of her.” It’s possible that you’d like to harm him.”

They burst into tears when they saw the orangutan mother’s reaction after Clarita was taken from her hands

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
Other nervous caretakers are just a few steps away, waiting for the outcome of this crucial reunion.
After a few minutes, it appears that Clara is overjoyed to be able to see her daughter again, so they decide to unlock the cage so she may finally take her into her arms. Clara did have to pass one more exam, though.

“Occasionally, the mother rejects the offspring and abandons them to starvation. They won’t even offer them milk.”

The caretakers had never witnessed anything like that before.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
Clara appeared excited to be able to hug her little child again as they unlocked the cage.

She ultimately lies down next to her after a few minutes, demonstrating that her mother’s heart is ready to receive him. Clarita is hungry, so Clara begins to nurse her after an eager search of her mother’s chest.

Normally, orangutan calves spend the first seven years of their lives with their mothers.

Credit: Orangutan Jungle School
The entire crew breathes a sigh of relaxation. Mother and daughter will be reunited and allowed to live together once more. Clara’s caretaker tries to persuade her that the meeting will be decisive, and that she would no longer have to worry about her little child being removed from her. And he murmurs in her ear, comforting her and reassuring her that they are there to ensure her happiness:

“They won’t take it from you again, Clara,” says the narrator. It will never happen again. It’s all yours.”

Even the coldest heart is touched by the emotional reunion of a mother and her child:

These types of projects ensure that the orangutans are completely healthy and learn everything they need to be able to live on their own again in freedom .

The reunion between mother and daughter is beyond emotional and moving. It shows the enormous importance of preserving the life of these beautiful animals.