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This Dog Was Very Scared At The Shelter After The Family Abandoned Him

His family believes that this dog is “too old,” so they left him at the Lancaster Animal Care Center shelter in Los Angeles at the end of August without giving a thought to how miserable the poor creature would be.

The workers of the shelter chose to put the 13-year-old Chihuahua mix named Choco in the medical room since it was more serene and calm than the main area of the shelter.

He was one of the four canines receiving medical attention that day. He seemed pleasant and quiet, but what really stood out to me about him was that he had really troubled eyes.

“When I questioned the management what was wrong with him medically, they said that his owners had brought him in and said that he was too old and they no longer wanted him. He thus didn’t arrive with a bodily injury or shattered bone. He was left at the shelter because he was too old for them, and he is constantly terribly unhappy there because he’s in a foreign environment without his familiar family.

The dog had a frightened look on his face, but he was happy to get some attention from Rita and one of the volunteers at the shelter.

She uttered:

“I was glad to see us again. Her tail was wagging and shaking when I initially entered the room.”

So, in an effort to spread the word about her experience, Rita took a picture and a few videos of Choco and put them on Facebook. A few days later, Hillary Rosen, the creator of A Purposeful Rescue, managed to get him out of the shelter using this method.

Toast has taken the place of Choco. He was sent to a vet clinic for a thorough medical examination and surgery to remove a lump from close to his groin.

Toast will enter foster care until he finds a forever home after making a full recovery and leaving the veterinarian.