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Abandoned Puppy Did Not Let Anyone Help Him For Days Waiting For His Family

People in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, observed an extremely wary Collie dog wandering around a neighborhood park. The poor animal was totally alone in the cold and would not allow anyone touch her either.

People worried about the poor puppy got in touch with Janine Guido, the head of Speranza Animal Rescue, a reputable animal rescue group in the city.

Janine said to The Dodo:

He continued to reside there, as though anticipating the return of his family. However, they never did.

People reported sightings to her to help her track down the dog, but it wasn’t easy. She was depending on the assistance of the neighborhood to find and save the dog.

Janine remarked:

“I was able to hand-feed her on the first and second days that I was gone. She retreated, though, if she was trying to spin him around while he was on the leash.

She approached so closely that Carla, the dog she called, spooked and fled into the woods.

Locals might assist find the scared puppy by spreading the word on the rescue organization’s Facebook page.

As the organization posted on Facebook:

“Have you ever pondered what happens when a dog’s owners abandon it? He watches while seated. awaiting the return of his family.

Janine remarked:

There were a lot of people at the park. And despite all the people around her, she was still terrified. She eventually moved after being pursued by others into the woods.

People started to worry when Carla was not found after two days of looking, but early the next day, Janine received a call saying that Carla was camped out beneath a back porch.